Lookbook Lust: Zuriick “Cuatros Santos”

Some people are born knowing exactly what they want, and designer Michael McCaleb is one of them. Flashback to the summer of 2005 in Salt Lake City, Utah when Michael was searching for a slimmer, lighter alternative to the common sneaker and –  after coming up empty-handed – decided to take matters into his own hands by creating Zuriick shoes.


Since then, he has created over thirty styles, with sales stretching across the globe, proving that success has little to do with market trends and corporate backing. Driven by passion and creativity, Zuriick is stoked to introduce its new Cuatros Santos collection.


The folks at Zuriick headed south of the equator to Puerto Rico with photographer Steven Stone, providing us with a lookbook that is edgy, earthy, and enchantingly free-spirited. Take a peek at footage from their adventure in paradise.

Using sleek design, bright colors and a signature purple sole, Zuriick provides an affordable chic shoe set apart from the plethora of homologous prototypes.


Zuriick_Cuatros_Santos Zuriick_Cuatros_Santos Zuriick_Cuatros_Santos Simone_Butterscotch Zuriick_Cuatros_Santos_Simone_Butterscotch Zuriick-Cuatros-Santos Zuriick_Cuatros_Santos

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