Preview: Word To Mother “Can’t Afford to Be Broke”

While his name and show titles may be reminiscent of words spoken in a catchy Vanilla Ice song, Word to Mother, a counterculture artist from London, relays deeper meanings in his edgy works of art – drawing from life experiences, the current economical state, and issues in politics. In a new show opening on May 12th at San Francisco’s White Walls gallery, the artist introduces “Can’t Afford to Be Broke,” a collection of colorful wood assemblage paintings and other recession paraphernalia including MOTHER dollar bills and a series of baseball bats with the inscription; “Fuck You. Pay Me.” Ballsy.

Word to Your Mother_Bad For Your Heath

In this show, Word to Mother steps away from his normal neutral palette, enlisting mixed media works and cultural icons to arouse a sense of humor amongst despondent figures – sending a big middle finger to the Great Recession.

Word to Your Mother_PermanentVacation-2

Word to Mother on his inspiration :

“Everyone’s perception of ‘Broke’ is different. It’s all relative to our situation. In situations where celebrity riches and materialistic lifestyles are portrayed by the media, we have been conditioned to feel more valued as an individual based upon what we own, rather than our actions.

People are emotionally broke, financially broke, and physically broke, from the structure of the society we live in. Unless we educate ourselves, work hard, and take the right risks, we won’t get anywhere. We won’t get out. We will continue to be broke.

I can’t afford to be broke.”

Word To Your Mother_Compare&DespairWord to Your Mother_It is Decidedly SoWord to Your Mother_NothinButTheBest(ForYou)

Can’t Afford to Be Broke
Opens May 12th though June 2nd
White Walls
835 Larkin St., San Francisco

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