Kickstarter Watch: JoeyBra

Awww, I was planning on making a lot more fun of this strange “genius” bra-thing that went viral this week, but then I saw the two adorable baby-kangaroo-lovin’ peeps who invented it. And now I have feelings.

The JoeyBra will save us all from the terrible plight of iPhones broken or lost while we’re out partying; it is, well, some sort of simplified, animal print photographer’s vest with a bunch of pockets that allow you to keep your valuables near your… valuables.

As you can see in the video below, which also offers glorious midi music and a very happy girl in a yellow shirt, the JoeyBra basically lets you carry your phone, ID, credit cards and/or keys in mesh pockets on the side of your ribcage. I can’t hate on the idea completely, since I’m a firm believer in sticking things down my cleavage from time to time when storage becomes an issue. However, it appears the pockets are designed to make sure the corner of your iPhone pokes out awkwardly in your armpit, which does raise some concern for lumpiness and other very tragic things.

If you’re not convinced your sweaty dance club armpit is the best place to stick your moisture-sensitive 800$ phone, I can’t really help you, but on the other hand, if you want to help those two rosy-cheeked hopefuls achieve their dream of world domination, you should do so here.

On the plus side, it could prevent the horrifying sight of a bunch of girls dancing in a circle around their purses, and we should all be grateful for that!

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