Interview Series: Seasick Mama

I was introduced to Seasick Mama by Dan Regan from The Black Banditz when her journey finally brought her to the West Coast. By the time our schedules finally allowed us to meet it was her last day in Los Angeles. So when deciding where to meet up I had only one burning question: Have you been to Château Marmont?!

It was a beautiful day to be chatting amongst the hip and classy while we sat with beers in our leftover festival attire. It was the Monday after Coachella. Needless to say we were spent. We were all chipper though with our game faces on. “Work hard, play hard” became the focus of our interview.

Seasick Mama is not only focusing on her upcoming album and tour dates. She is also the girl behind House of Creatives. It’s a project she started when making her album in the Pocono’s of Pennsylvania. With her record label’s support she invited a hundred of her closest musician friends to come help her. As her friends and supporters came to help her over that month it turned into the House of Creatives. The idea did not stop there. Seasick Mama since then has taken this lifestyle on the road to SXSW and Coachella. The results of these HOC endeavors were documented and should be checked out. We also can’t wait for her debut album. Let’s get to know Seasick Mama a little more…


LF: Did you grow up in a musical household?

SM: Yeah, my father is a musician. He never got farther than playing at local dive bars and all of that but he’s always pushed everybody in the family to be musical. As soon as I got out of high school and into college being a musician was like the sexiest thing in the world. So I decided I was going to do it and I started playing guitar. My dad was so relieved!

LF: How did making music start?

SM: My first job when I moved to New York was actually working in a recording studio. I had just graduated college and I spent the first summer not knowing what I wanted to do. So my mom was like “Go to New York City and see what happens!” So I got a job as a receptionist in this recording studio. Then I got promoted to client services where I could be a little more hands on. I became really close with Mike Turrigiano who was an engineer and also my current producer. So we were super bored at work one day, there were no sessions going on and Mike was like “want to record something?” And I was like “Yeah! What should we do!?” He showed me the Tom Waits song “Going out West” and it’s super heavy and badass. He said if a woman sang that song it would be super rad. So I did. It surprisingly came out so good that we spent the next week doing our own arrangement for it to make it ours. And the final product turned out awesome. So we decided to take it seriously and we made a video for it. And then the label that I’m on now found it. So they asked what my other music was like but I didn’t have any. So they signed me solely on that one fucking song. My record was born from that one leap of faith.

LF: Seasick Mama was born. How did songs start coming together?

SM: I just started writing down stories and my thoughts. I had no real experience in songwriting. I don’t really know anything about poetry or whatever. I just did what felt right. Then we would go into an open studio with everybody together and press record. Everyone would start playing totally improvised. I would just start singing whatever I had over and over again finding cool melodies, different rhythms, changing lyrics around. The songwriting was really loose. The song “Pumping” was about having sex with a drunk guy and him not being able to function. That was the simplest idea I had and it just came alive when we developed the song more.

LF: You’re also known for your “House of Creatives” you’ve been putting together. Who are some of your favorite artists to come through the houses so far?

SM: The Allah-las’s, Gus + Scout, Theophilus London, the list goes on…

LF: What are you currently listening to?

SM: I kind of don’t want to say this but I’ve been listening to Kid Cudi a lot. I think since I’ve been out in LA, partying with Black Banditz, the whole party scene, windows down in the car…I just really want to be listening to music I can dance to. Indie dance radio on Pandora is on a lot.

LF: You’ve been submerging yourself in the music scene. Do you have a recent awesome concert story?

SM: Nico Vega is where it’s at right now. My friend Sarah from Black Banditz called me up to come see this girl rock out. So I get there and it’s this full five-piece rock band but the lead singer is like eight months pregnant in this huge, awesome vintage gown. And she just rocks it so hard. She’s dancing, jumping on tables, pretty much acting like an animal….and she’s pregnant. So crazy. It was really inspiring. The music was just so awesome. Check her out.

LF: What’s your favorite trend?

SM: Right now it’s tattoos. All of my tattoos have happened in the past year. I can’t stop. I got one tattoo then it turned into this one and that one. The Black Banditz did a little Texas tribute tattoo. It’s bad. As soon as I see a guy with a chest tattoo or a knuckle tat I’m like DING! I like YOU!

LF: How would you describe your style?

SM: Everything is usually high waisted or flow-y. I like to be super comfortable. I really like capes. They make me feel like a gypsy woman. Or a magician! I like weird stuff. When I go to thrift stores I always try on the stuff I couldn’t find anywhere else.

LF: Best look on the opposite sex, besides tattoos?

SM: Flannel. I like a man in flannel and a beard.  Actually I just like hairy men. Can hair be an answer? If a man has a lot of hair I’m into it. I think I like it so much because I’m not hairy. I like things I can’t have.

LF: Any artists that you’re a big fan of?

SM: Anthony Lister is the coolest.

LF: What turns you on?

SM: Oh God. I have a whole list. Ok what really turns me on is successful men no matter what it is. Ambition and all that is really sexy to me. You could be the ugliest fucker in the world and if you’re really proud of what you do everyday then I think that is super sexy. I think we should just stop there. Sex talk coming out of my mouth will end up being totally inappropriate. Did I mention hairy men?

LF: You live adventurously. Share a recent experience.

SM: Our road trip across the country was so much fun. We started in New York, I picked up Shelby (HOC manager) in Pennsylvania then we picked up my friend Ian in Wilmington, NC, which ended up being so much fun. We were there for only one night but it was such a cool little town. The next stop was New Orleans then Tennessee. We stayed in this doublewide trailer in Arkansas. We were so pumped.  We shot the “Quit Your Job” music video the whole way. We went to San Antonio too and then Austin. Finally we ended up in Venice. That was the ultimate adventure.

LF: How does Seasick Mama live fast?

SM: Seasick Mama lives fast by continuously writing, staying young, and making others happy.

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