Food For Thought: Salt Made From Tears Range

So, now apparently you can get salt made from human tears. Because – you know – there’s a market for that. As a bonus, this interesting new seasoning comes in the form of gross brownish crystals. Or maybe those are just the pieces of lavender added to the salt for even more adorableness. You be the judge!

Anyway, you can now buy crystallized secretions of fellow human beings, and they come in a wide array of mouth-watering “flavors”, a.k.a. emotions. Yeah no, this is not sickening at all! They come in Tears of Anger, When Chopping Onions, Sneezing (clearly my favorite) and Sorrow, for you goths out there. They are all flavored according to the context in which they were “harvested” in, and the bottle is quite cute.

You should have guessed by now that this is just some novelty item, and it comes from a shop that sells many more things like it, such as canned Night Sweats, Heebie-Jeebies, Mortal Terror, A Vague Sense of Uneasy and Cubed Earwax. Oh and also some shirts that say BOO. Apart from being, let’s admit it, somewhat sketchy (you wouldn’t really put so-called Tears of Sneezing in your mouth, right?), they would make some seriously cool Halloween gifts. See for yourselves over here!

L’Agent Goodies…