Fashion Radar: Gatsby-Inspired SS12 Runway Looks

Boardwalk Empire reminisces the boisterous rebellion of Prohibition; Woody Allen resurrects cultural icons in Midnight in Paris and to top it all off, Leonardo DiCaprio is sure to break our hearts this winter as Jay Gatsby. It seems that with the revival of the Jazz Age in entertainment, it was only a matter of time fashion designers would be inspired by the fun and flirtatious vibe of the Roaring Twenties. Here’s a roundup of labels who have brought Daisy Buchanan back to life in their Spring / Summer collections.


Ralph Lauren S/S’12 collection illustrates the elegance, femininity and luxuriousness of the Twenties. The ethereal collection is rich in silk and sheer, lustrous beading, and pastel-colored feathers. If Daisy looked this angelic, Gatsby’s heart never stood a chance!

Ralph Lauren Spring Summer 2012 Collection


Inspired by Ilya Repin’s painting, Sadko in the Underwater Kingdom, Marchesa designers Georgina Chapman and Keren Craig designed a feminine collection of cool palettes, flowing fabrics, and shimmering beads. In the midst of this underwater fantasy were vintage-looking, platinum flapper dresses – a combination I couldn’t help but think would be perfect for a Daisy Buchanan mermaid.

Marchesa Spring Summer 2012 Collection


In his S/S’12 collection, Marc Jacobs goes beyond the drop waist and fringe, creating a Twenties-disco remix. With fabrics ranging from plastic fringe, to shiny tinsel to cellophane organza, Jacobs’ designs are fun, chic, and a great fit for the modern flapper party girl.

Marc Jacobs Spring Summer 2012 Collection


It’s no surprise Gucci’s take on the Twenties is dark and edgy. The collection is a perfect balance between vintage drop waists and indefinite shapes with modern trends of metallic colors and geometric designs. The bold Art Deco embellishments and deep necklines are erotically chic for a daredevil gal like Zelda Fitzgerald.

Gucci Spring Summer 2012 Collection


Veronica Etro S/S’12 collection is feminine, light, and has such a wonderful array of bright and pastel colors. Detailed with fringed hemlines and geometric patterns, Etro’s effortless silhouettes recreates the easygoing vibe of the Jazz Age.

Etro Spring Summer 2012 Collection


Though never mention in the book, I’m assuming Gatsby had a yacht; a yacht filled with lady friends who would appreciate Tory Burch’s S/S’12 collection. Striped and sequined in navy blue, white, canary yellow, and tamarind orange, Burch’s take on the flapper dress is posh and sophisticated.

Tory Burch Spring Summer 2012 Collection

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