Art Crush: Amy Guidry “In Our Veins”

In a psychologically-charged investigation of the relationship between the life cycle and the natural world, Louisiana-based painter Amy Guidry uses acrylic on canvas to create surreal images exploring concepts such as life and death, survival of the fittest, exploitation and destruction.

Amy Guidry_Wolfpack


In her series “In Our Veins”, the artist examines the idea of all forms of beings and their interaction and habitation of the land, using underlying thematic ideology and brilliant imagery via thought-provoking paintings, while walking the line between abstract, photorealism, and pop surrealism. Take a gander at these works of art – they are likely to send you into transcendental state of deep introspection for the new few hours.

Amy Guidry_Untitled-Heads


You can view some of Amy’s paintings in various nationwide galleries and museums such as the Visual Arts Center of New Jersey, the Alexandria Museum of Art, the Women’s Research Center at Brandeis University, and the Acadiana Center for the Arts.

Amy Guidry_The Wild West

The Wild West

Amy Guidry_The Sum of Its Parts

The Sum of Its Parts

Amy Guidry_The Pack

The Pack

Amy Guidry_Symbiotic
Amy Guidry_Survival of the Fittest

Survival of the Fittest

Amy Guidry_Sequence


Amy Guidry_Fleeting


Amy Guidry_Burden to Bear

Burden to Bear

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