Aeolus: An Audio-Visual Experience of Light and Sound

Stemming from the name of the Greek ruler of winds in ancient mythology, this unique work of art is a contrived giant harp, created by UK artist Luke Jerram to sing the song of shifting wind patterns and visually dramatize the never-ending changes in the sky. Meet Aeolus.


Mockup of artwork on water.


At Lyme Park / South of Chesshire, England

Using a web of aeolian harp strings attached to the contraption’s tubes, vibrations of the strings are transferred through the tubes and projected down to the viewer standing beneath the arch, allowing people to listen to the sounds of the wind.

closeup harp_strings

Viewers can also observe the ever-changing landscape of light and clouds by looking through a field of 310 internally-polished stainless steel tubes simultaneously, creating an unforgettable audio-visual experience.

under arch_by andy spain

View through the pipe

This piece of art was designed to inspire and educate the public on engineering, aerodynamic and acoustics and has traveled across the UK engaging in different contexts and demographics, and is currently seeking a permanent home. This is just one of many large-scale extraordinary installations that Luke Jerram has created amidst his research on perception and space. This work of art is truly fascinating.


In Salford, MediaCity UK

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