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There are over a thousand wash & fold laundromats in New York City, but it’s a real hassle to find one you can really trust. Don’t let the “We Love Our Customers” sticker on the bag fool you, they mostly don’t give a shit. I’ve had one too many garments ruined and lost before I discovered Slate NYC, an eco-friendly laundry and dry-cleaning service that actually makes your clothes a priority.

Slate New York Permission to get dirty

Slate has built a solid reputation for its modern approach; it’s a place that not only cleans but literally “revives wardrobes, infusing them with the energy of that first wearing. People would give themselves permission to get dirty,” owner Michael Zabludovsky explains.

So throw your clothes in a hamper and schedule your pickup online. Once ready, your precious apparel will be delivered in a shopping bag all wrapped in silk paper, as if they were brand new. Pretty much the best feeling ever. I also absolutely recommend the company’s recently launched combined clothes + home cleaning service, where they clean your home when they deliver your clothes, and the home cleaning person puts your clothes away. If you care about your closet, you’ll be in heaven with Slate!

Full disclosure: Mr. Zabludovsky was kind enough to comp our massive cleaning job (4 suitcases!) after the Euro Tour. Thanks!!!

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