A Pheromone Party In Hollywood

I’ll never forget the smell of my first boyfriend. Well, he wasn’t so much my boyfriend as the first guy I loved, my first lover and the first guy who broke my heart right after he made me realize (and suffer the consequences of) the infinite power of sexual attraction. I could still recognize him today, ten years later, wearing a blindfold in a crowd of a thousand people. There was just something about his smell that made me weak in the knees. It wasn’t his perfume or his soap, not even his sweat. It was the mixture of his hair, his skin, his breath. There was something indiscernible behind his scent that just set my body on fire.

When I pass someone in the street that smells like him, I still stop in my tracks and have to fight the urge to undress whoever it is and believe me, it’s not always attractive young people.

Dr. Who...

We’re all painfully aware of the impact smell has on our bodies and memory, and we’ve all fallen again and again for undeserving people simply because we just couldn’t resist them if they came close enough. Some people’s scent make you want to get naked immediately, others smell like home. It’s clearly just pheromones, though at the time it did feel like the scent of love, something that I could feel much, much further than my nose, and it was truly powerful.

This intriguing way nature has for telling us someone is physically right for us is the idea behind Pheromone Parties, a new trend around Hollywood. It’s a strange form of blind dating where participants are instructed to wear the same shirt to bed for three nights, and then stick it in the freezer in a bag until the party where it will be labeled with a number and set on a table for other people to smell. It creates connections in the most animalistic way, and people get to meet those whose smell they were most attracted to.

I’m thinking it must lead to some pretty amazing hook ups among very genetically compatible people, but I don’t know about serious relationships. In my experience, those whose scent made me react the most were certainly great sexual partners, but as you can see, I speak of them in the past tense.

It must be a fun surprise to see the man or woman whose smell made your head spin, but also to experience first-hand the clash between what you think you find attractive and what your body really wants. There’s also something refreshingly un-superficial with this concept that allows us to bypass the first impression of someone based on their looks.

Interesting fact, ovulating women smell more attractive to others on a subconscious level, which some believe explains why strippers get more tips when ovulating. Women on birth control have also been proven to be less sensitive to pheromones than others, to the point where doctors even recommended that those who have met a partner while using birth control might want to go off it for a while to see if they are actually physically attracted to him before, for example, getting married or committing more seriously. Something to consider if you’re planning on attending a Pheromone Party! Keep an eye on the website for future events.

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