How Parisian Women Stay Fit: Waterbike

Cruising around the 16th arrondissement of Paris last week I stumbled upon a strange looking storefront showcasing big machines that reminded me of a more stylish Port-O-Lets. Intrigued, I looked closer and discovered the structures are actually designed to host a bike and meant to fill up with water – for exercise. Meet Waterbike, the first ever workout jacuzzi. In a process that combines the benefits of cycling in water to hydro-massage, Waterbike provides an “active” lymphatic drainage which helps control water retention, build muscles and cardio, lose weight and shape up the lower body.

Let’s be clear: how Parisians – women, in particular – stay fit and skinny on a bread, wine and charcuteries diet is a secret everyone in America wants to know, stat. I’ll let the video speak for itself but I’m pretty sure a dozen individual spinning sessions against water would leave my legs without a hint of cellulite! Hopefully after their showcase at the Mondial Spa & Beauté 2012 conference this weekend, somebody’s gonna take it upon themselves to bring this miracle stateside!

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