Detox Til You Retox: Start A Gratitude Journal

The Beastie Boys had it right when they snarled that gratitude would set you free. When you make a habit of expressing things you’re grateful for, it trains your brain to focus on the stuff you like about your life instead of all the junk you don’t, which frees us from the gnarly grips of negativity.

Ease into it! Keep a notebook next to your bed and jot down at least 3 things every night before you go to sleep that you’re grateful for. This could seriously be anything; maybe a friend talked you out of driving home from the bar, or you found a sick pair of Celine heels on sale at Barneys, or you decided to stay home and catch up on your Netflix rather than responding to his “drinks?” text (hmmm, wonder how many girls he sent that to?).

ME, ME, ME Panama Notebook by Smythson

ME, ME, ME Panama Notebook by Smythson

As you get more into it you can start to investigate the positive sides to the situations that (you think) are negative in your life; like “I lost my job, but I’m now free to investigate what I truly want to do with my time, or “I’m 10 lbs overweight, but I’m grateful that Kat has set me on the path to health with her awesome detox plan.”

The power of positive thinking is no joke! Like attracts like and nobody likes a Negative Nancy. We draw to ourselves that which mirrors of own feelings; so manifest awesomeness in the people around you by cultivating it at home first. I promise that within 2 weeks of keeping a gratitude journal, you’ll notice big changes in your mood. Plus, this is a great addition to my detox plan, because detoxing isn’t just about our bods, we need to do some spring cleaning in our brains too!

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