Detox Til You Retox: Pop your Physique

When I left this morning, hair mussed and heart pumping, I was bathed in light briny sweat and my thighs were still quivering from the events that had taken place over the course of the last hour. Behind that door we had experienced something powerful, the forging of a new and exciting relationship. I knew that tomorrow I would still be sore down there, but in that good way, like the pain was a reward for a job well done; a badge of honor.

Pop Physique Butt

I am, of course, talking about Pop Physique – the insanely effective and totally addictive fitness class that is the brainchild of former ballet dancer and pilates intructor, Jennifer Williams. Influenced by the ‘Lotte Berk System’ (a combo of dance, hatha yoga, strength training and orthpedic back exercises) Jennifer created her own super-stylish method incorporating more signature ballet and pilates moves into the mix, and setting the whole experience to an Oscar-worthy soundtrack that mixes up bands like the Yeah Yeah Yeah’s and Imogen Heap with deadmau5 and Alicia Keys.

Pop was born and bred in Silver Lake, but has since spread like wildfire throughout the L.A. area and most recently to San Fran and as far as West Palm Beach, FL. Each location is unique and beautiful sporting luxe touches like chandeliers, vintage wallpaper, and eco-friendly mats and cleaners. And no need to fear the mirror here! The studios are thoughtfully lit with our complexions and posteriors in mind. Just as thoughtful are the lovely staff, everyone from the gals who work the front desk to the skilled instructors are as friendly as can be, making for a totally comfortable experience from beginning to end.

Pop Studio

Get your physique popped in Studio City

What to expect

Over the course of the hour-long class you’re guaranteed to break a sweat as you activate and stretch every major muscle group in your body, muscles that haven’t so much as twitched since your glory days on the high school swim team. You’ll flow seamlessly from the floor to the ballet barre and back incorporating light weights, core work, stretching and isometric movements (these are the ones the get your thighs and butt to register an 8.5 on the Richter) that will align your spine and grace your body with those long lean muscles that were formerly the sole property of dancers. And don’t let the word ballet scare you off, thankfully there’s no fancy choreography to follow, which has successfully embarrassed me on multiple occasions in the past (I can’t even watch Fame anymore without getting anxiety).

Pop Positions

What to bring

A bottle of water, a pair of socks, and a winning attitude. They always have some great “grippy socks” for sale that help your feet from slipping while you’re holding a plank-pose and cursing the world under your breath.

With so many studios in the L.A. area and so many class times there’s no excuse not to have a great ass this summer, and if you’ve accepted my Detox-to-Retox Coachella Challenge you’ll see seriously noticeable results within mere weeks. They even have a killer first-time client special of $100 for one month of unlimited classes, and great deals for package classes including a three-month new mom special! Pop Physique WORKS and you owe it to yourself to have the raddest body ever, so what are you waiting for? An engraved invitation??

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