Relationships: Survey Says Yes To Sex

Hmm, relationships. Relationships are always evolving. They seem to be analyzed, turned out, talked about and romanced around love’s biggest crush, Valentine’s Day. From the single lifestyle to monogamy at its best, one thing’s for certain: we constantly desire to learn about this thing called love… and SEX. A muscle that’s constantly evolving, morphing, breathing. We found some interesting survey charts from The Luxury Spot that contain even more interesting keywords: obligatory, predictable, aspects, often, spouse, lover, position… and so on. Take a look and better yet, gain some sex-sight.

We like that one third of women were in the mood to have sex with their husband yesterday or today. LIVE it up, ladies!

…Hubby’s the best sex 64% of women have ever had. SEX it up, lovers.

Throw out the phrase, “All The Time.” Sex is an ART and is always in FASHION.

L’Agent Goodies…