Live To Eat: Pasta With Squid Ink in Venice, Italy

I would have never thought so, but it’s a real challenge to hunt for a satisfying Italian meal in Venice, Italy. If you’re not careful or too hungry to hop a few bridges away from Piazza San Marco, you can expect to be served an overly salty lunch that kind of feels like (and is just as ridiculously expensive as) airport food.

Anyhow, there is a chance for the adventurous to indulge in an absolutely memorable dish: spaghetti with squid ink (or in Italian; spaghetti al nero di seppia.) Not to mistake with squid ink pasta. We’re talking squid ink sauce. Glossy black. Thick. Slimy. Delicious. You’d think it’s more fishy than it actually is. You’ve simply never tasted anything like it.

 Ordering the spaghetti with squid ink will time travel you back to kindergarten, when it was actually OK to play and act crazy with your food. Mouth and teeth stained black, we drew figures and letters in our empty plates. Full, and happy.

Where to get it in Venice, Italy: La trattoria Da Remigio, Castello 3416 | Salizada dei Greci

If you know if a place that serves this next to where you live, let us know in the comments section!

And if you feel like trying it at home, make sure to wear an apron and try the most mouth-watering recipe we were able to find online!

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