Flesh Love: Vacuum Sealed Couples By Photographer Hal

In a controversial, bizarre and quite powerful series titled Flesh Love, Japanese artist Photographer Hal proceeded to vacuum seal in futon cases and then photograph dozens of couples of all ages, races and shapes. All bundled up, they almost look like wrapped pieces of candy. How’s that for intimacy?

Can’t help but state the obvious – don’t try this at home – and actually, if you’re into that type of stuff, you’re more than welcome to head to Kabukicho in Shinjuku and underground bars in Shibuyatook, Tokyo, where Hal finds his subjects (always couples) and challenges them to shoot.

What would you do if a photographer came up to you and explained this concept?

Some may call the work grotesque, others will certainly find it kinky – but the artist’s true intention is to express the “majesty of mankind, defined through love…” The photographs are currently shown as part as a group exhibit at Seattle’s Wall Space Gallery (from February 8 to March 4). You can also get an iPad book.


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