Workout Gear For A Sexier Life

I’ll always remember the first time I realized working out in sexy gear is, simply said, a thrill. My girlfriend and I had planned a casual afternoon date hiking Runyon Canyon and I rolled up with my usual black sweat pants, a cheap t-shirt and old purple Chuck Taylors. She was wearing the cutest little fitted shorts with mesh inserts and a soft, see-through wife beater revealing the sexiest work-out bra I had ever seen, literally looking like the queen of the hills.

“I just like to live my life pretend I’m a movie character… and invest in costumes for every day life situations,” she said, breathing heavily as we approached the top of the stairs. Her words stuck with me.

Truth is, I’ve been much more creative with fashion ever since, and I decided to gear up with some high fashion boudoir athletic wear as well. If anyone’s a bombshell with dumbbells in the movie of her life, it’s me!

Peep New York label MICHI‘s Spring 2012 collection, available online and in stores in March! Hotness!


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