San Francisco: The Rye Gin Old Fashioned at Bar Agricole

In the San Francisco Bay Area, makers of artisanal products are forming a close-knit community. Local bartenders have created complimentary ingredient components and craft cocktails featuring St. George Spirits of Alameda. At Bar Agricole, the Rye Gin Old Fashioned is made with St. George Dry Rye Gin and gum syrup made by Jennifer Colliau of Small Hand with two house made bitters, an aromatic version of angostura style recipe from Gentleman’s Companion by Charles Baker and a sour cherry bitter – made with fresh and dried cherries and orange peel.

The final touch is lemon and orange zest, a fresh take on a classic combination. Bar Agricole is a gorgeous space South of Market Street, worth a trip for their craft cocktails and stunning menu featuring locally grown produce. The fried piracicaba, a vegetable similar to broccoli rabe and broccolini, was served with za-atar… mouthwatering.


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