A Film For Pina Bausch

3D technology found its way into an art house film for the very first time, and the result is devastatingly captivating… German dancer/choreographer Pina Bausch and her dancers will emotionally entangle you through your 3D glasses in Wim Wenders’ documentary Pina.

The film isn’t about Pina’s life – which she always kept very private – rather it’s a tribute to her art. There is not even a mention that after pre-production was completed, Pina unexpectedly passed away, 5 days before the shooting of the movie was about to start.

It’s not often you see every single person stay in their seat even after the subtitles have ended and the lights came on in the movie theater. Most people seemed to be in a trance, no talking, only absorbing what they had just experienced. Some were passionately kissing, some were wiping off tears. You don’t have to love or know anything about modern dance to appreciate Pina.

It speaks straight to your core with a sincere, irresistible language. It whispers and screams at you to express your longings, your pain, your love, in whatever way you know how to. Pina challenges you to answer the question: “What are we longing for? Where does all this yearning come from?”

To help us find an inspiration for the answer to that question, the only thing playing in our New York office for the past week has been the movie soundtrack.

Watch movie trailer here and you’ll dream of red gowns for days…

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