The Photographer’s Holiday Gift Guide

As a photographer, I am constantly scouring the Web for the next cool thing, whether it’s an accessory for my iPhone or something that gives me more creative control over my SLR. Of course, there’s something to be said for being able to take a great photo without any effects, but why not play around with some color filters or reminisce with the new Polaroid 600-style camera by Impossible Projects? Below I have curated a selection of edgy photo accessories to spice up your holiday image captures. Have a look:

Juicy bits 3d iPhone app > Holga iPhone lens > Color lens and flash filters

Polaroid Pogo Instant Digital Printer & Paper > Impossible Project ACE 600 camera PX 600 kit

Lomokino 35mm Movie Camera > Fuji X100

Lensbaby Creative Effects System Kit

Cloak Bag > Photo Fabric Dye

L’Agent Goodies…