Latte Art & Kitty Time in Tokyo

MEOW! Cat Cafes have become all the trend in Japan, where you can play house with a slew of fancy felines. The cat cafe concept originated in Taiwan in 1998, but became so popular among Japanese tourists that the culture adopted this idea as their own, and now Tokyo hosts over 39 cat cafes. Despite the name, most cafes don’t openly serve food or drink, though many have vending machines where you can grab a snack or a coffee. The concept is purrrrrely for one-on-one kitty time (you do have to wash your hands with a special sanitizer and wear foot booties), and there are usually at least ten cats “working” the floor to do your every bidding! Crazy cat ladies take note!

The cat cafés in Tokyo cater to your preferences, so you can likely find cafés specific to gender, rare breeds, fat cats, ex-strays or shelter cats! These posh environments help give homeless and stray cats a home, and an especially fancy one to boot!

People pay good money to get playtime with the cats, a lot due to the fact that for a lot of Tokyo residents,  apartments are small and cramped, and it’s not feasible to have a pet. Most cafés also offer other activities for customers to enjoy along side their feline hosts, including laptops, video games, and manga. So you can cuddle with a kitty and scour the web, even if it’s not in the comfort of your own home! How clever!


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