Kristin Kirgan’s Euro Tour

“Travel shapes youth” – the old French saying is true. And when it comes to soul searching, nothing is more exhilarating than a solo journey through the beautiful, old cities of Europe. Back in September, photographer & young American poet Kristin Kirgan rented a flat in Paris’ 16th arrondissement, the first step of a four-city tour that would take her to Rome and back. She documented her trip in a photo-journalistic, but lyrical way – with high contrast and dramatic compositions – showing an undeniable emotional connection to her trip and experiences. The result is a striking photo story that will make you want to book a one-way ticket, now.

Callow The Lewd ( a poem)

Fearless like living,

Instead of being.

In hopes of gaining wisdom to cover-up dreams,

We fall regardless of greed.

Time and time our hearts continue to bleed,

But it’s our world to make the dicisions on the things we do and do not need,

Paralyzed by the lit cigarette hanging from your lip,

Wrapped around your finger,

This drink gets weaker with every sip.

I’m scaling walls to find a place for us to recover through sleep,

But only public spaces I can reach.

My soul knows how to wait patiently,

Even when the universe forces us to take our love six feet deep.

Buried in dirt,

The wind still lingers in my hair.

Blowing forever in the stillness of prayer,

As you whisper words even though you are not aware.

– Kristin Kirgan, 2011

And off to Italy…

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