Helena Christensen’s Wicked Game

She was born in ’68. Served as a Creative Director for Nylon Magazine, and yep, a former VS Angel. Angel. A heavy hitting model in the 90’s, Helena Christensen still rocks our world. She pretty much looks the same as that sultry oceanic vixen we drooled over in Chris Isaak’s Wicked Game. Do you agree based on the black and white capture seen below? To put it quite simply, 90’s models were a different breed — Almost like how they used to make them in the 40’s and 50’s. The grace never seems to shed from these types. Yes, types. With injections and an easy ‘fix’ these days, some gals look shriveled before their 40. However, the au-natural beauties of these times are of this goddess-like type; the proof lies when you can admire female beauty and get blown away.

In the third volume of Un-Titled Project, HC’s Wicked Game is revealed, and what better place to share than right where you are sitting. Guy Aroch rides the pony of this lens, that’s for sure! Looks from Gucci and straight up sexy housewife lingerie styled by Anya Ziourova take us back to that one 90’s beauty breed we just proved our point with. If we were wolves, we’d howl right now.


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