Charis Kirchheimer: Art Basel 2011

Make sure to save at least a day of your Art Basel adventure to embrace the shockingly offbeat nature of art ‘made in Miami’ and focus on discovering the best local acts. This brings me the pleasure to reintroduce the work of photographer Charis Kirchheimer along with a selection of her twelve best shots of 2011 including two – the blood bath ones – that will be on view as part of the third edition of Miami’s Independent Thinkers ART BASEL 2011 (December 1st – 4th, 2011 at The Awarehouse).

“In the past year she has validated herself as a photographer who can truly capture a subject’s “rawness.” I almost feel her photos are shot from an unrefined, unfiltered angle… making them much more provocative,” says girlfriend and Miami art gal Aleksandra Marcotte. Check out the goods:

“It is the business of the future to be dangerous.” -Unknown

Psst. the VIP/Press party should definitely be on your events calendar on Thursday night if you’re planning to go downtown.

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