8 Women Behind Famous Artists

They were more than muses or wives, they were partners in crime, passion and creativity. The lives of the women to some of history’s most famous artists were not simple ones, because for many as equally as there was love, there were also passionate affairs, drama and infidelity. But with a glance at the “women behind the artists” below, who for the most part stayed with their lovers through thick and thin, you get pictures of strength, power and femininity. Have a look:

Gala Dali

It is said that Gala saved Dali from his own madness, and he signed his painting with his and her name as “it is mostly with your blood, Gala, that I paint my pictures.”

Lee Miller

Model and photographer, Lee Miller was the lover and muse of surrealist photographer Man Ray. In fact, many of the photographs taken during their time in Paris period are credited to Man Ray were actually taken by Lee.

Camille Doncieux

Camille is famously known as being the model in Monet’s “The Woman in the Green Dress.” Right up to her death at a young age, she sat for him regularly, appearing frequently as a female figure in a rural landscape. Many of these canvases are among Monet’s finest masterpieces.

Rose Beuret

The muse and lover of Auguste Rodin, Rose became his life companion and was the model for many of his works, who he said “clasped to him like an animal.” They married on her death bed after fifty years together, two weeks before her death.

Marie-Hortense Fiquet

Marie-Hortense Fiquet was a French artists model, best known for the twenty seven oil portraits done by her husband, painter Paul Cézanne. Ironically, after their divorce, Cézanne is known for saying “My wife only cares for Switzerland and lemonade.”

Jacqueline Roque

The second wife of Pablo Picasso, with his portraits of her characterized by an exaggerated neck and feline face. MEOW! Picasso wooed her for six months, drawing a giant dove in white chalk on the wall of her house, and married her in secret before spending the last twenty years of his life with her.

Frida Kahlo

Frida Kahlo’s is known for her statement “I suffered two grave accidents in my life… One in which a streetcar knocked me down and the other was Diego.” Despite their love affair with each other and their mutual creative life, they’re relationship was plagued by ongoing affairs with other people. They divorced in 1940 to remarry one year later.

Tina Modotti

Tina Modotti shared a passionate relationship with photographer Edward Weston through the 1920s. They created a large body of photographic work during their time together, documenting the vibrant cultural climate of Mexico that was both the inspiration for and the subject of their art.

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