Bloody Pixy’s Experimental Relationship

In an interesting twist on the misogynistic man theory, Brooklyn-based Yijun Liao (a.k.a. Bloody Pixy) has set out to illustrate a relationship where the woman has the upper hand in her “Experimental Relationship” series. Liao claims that she has always questioned what people would consider a “typical” relationship, and she has always felt compelled to answer questions like what would happen if a man and a woman exchanged their sexual and power roles, and what this relationship does to a man and a woman? She has come up with a medley of humorous and thought-provoking situations to illustrate her experimental relationship theory, accompanied by blurbs to describe each photo. They are important to the meaning of the photographs, so make sure to read them!

Get firm grasp of your man.

Mind control is a woman’s essential skill.

Try to live like a pair of siamese twins.

Relationships work best when each partner knows their proper place.

Intimacy will improve your relationship.

How to build a relationship with layered meanings.

Concave VS Convex.

Some words are just between you and me.

You don’t have to be a boy to be my boyfriend.

Hush, Baby.

Home-made Sushi.

The king under me.

L’Agent Goodies…