Makeup Guys Like: Let Them Speak Up!

What brings all the boys to the yard? Well, probably not fuchsia lipstick. You’ve heard ladies being described as dressing for men or for other women, this theme runs true for makeup trends as well. For the most part, if you’re looking to land a dude (or a free drink), you’re going to want to keep in simple and flirty. We already assume this:

New Faces Calandra and Kristin at CLICK by Danielle DeFoe

Clothing credits: Alexander Wang, Doc Martin, Equipment, Jerome Rosseau, Chloe, Linda Farrow, Jewelry by Fleet (FW11 preview), vintage fur and Misfits shirt.

Makeup by Erin Dennison.

Let’s do a little research to prove our hypothesis:

“I don’t like when you can see the makeup on their face”, the ultimate SoCal bro, Hendo explains. “like, it’s cool if a girl wears some makeup, but if it looks like too much, you don’t wanna take her home. But I’m into a little eyeliner” he continues, pointing at his eyebrows.

“I like eye stuff, if anything” Kevin (another uber-bro) adds. “Save that gothic lip bullshit, it looks crazy.” “A little lipstick is OK,” Andy (the fashion/surf hybrid bro) chimes in, but none of that vampire shit”.

And after showing the boys images of several different women wearing multiple makeup looks the verdict was in: they have no idea what they are talking about. They just know Megan Fox is hot.

To gain a little more insight, let’s catch up with different category of dude. Maceo, a straight, fashion-forward photographer. A gentleman of refined taste, he broke it down like this: “When I see a girl at the bar with lip gloss and eye makeup on, I wanna hook up with her. If I see a girl with fashion-y red lipstick on, I think she’s beautiful and can appreciate the look… but I won’t bother trying to bring her home. And I’m not into heavy foundation, ever”.

Ok, now we’re getting somewhere. The Y chromosome responds in the most pragmatic of fashions. If “B” is the destination, “A” must entice the journey to “B” without compromising the expedition of the trajectory itself. Let’s go further…

No scientific study would be complete without testing a wildcard variable. Zak, a contemporary artist/alt porn star has a pension for ladies with a more dynamic aesthetic. He broke it down for me like this: there are basically two components to anything; from art to makeup to table lamps. Craft and style. Zak explains, “I don’t know shit about lamps, but if this lamp had a sharp piece of wire coming out of it, I’d recognize that it was fucked up. Makeup is the same way for guys; if you can SEE a flaw in craft, you immediately recognize it as “incorrect”. Girls style themselves to BE something. They see the final result as the package, whereas guys view the final result as the girl naked in bed. They identify makeup as a trick, and they don’t like to be tricked. Execute expert craft and you have room to play with style. Makeup can enhance beauty, but you have to get the basics down first.”

Ah Ha! We’ve cracked the code! Flawless foundation and perfectly placed blush give us wiggle room for experimentation. A glossy lip is a fail-proof look that draws attention to our most sensual facial feature. Because a guy’s aesthetic preference tends to be primal, it’s easy to infer why the pages of Playboy are laced with glossy pouts. For a healthy shine that will last you through the evening’s, ahem, activities; try a dab of Elizabeth Grant’s Collagen Lip Restore ($18). And as for black lipstick; probably never a “win”, unless you’re looking to make a new girl friend on the way to the ladies room.

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