Introducing LIL DEATH: Overthrow Takes L.A.

Now that Overthrow, the nefarious Miami based creative collective, has expanded its camp into Los Angeles, they are ready to unveil a new weekly party concept titled LIL DEATH. The party’s name and theme is supposedly based around some sort of meme adaptation to the French idiom “la petite mort,” which pays reference to the spiritual release that comes with an orgasm. I recently had a chance to sit down with Overthrow co-founders Alexis Mincolla and Caleb Gauge and pick their brains about their newest creation.

LF:  So, what brings you guys to L.A.?

AM: I’m not sure I could peg down any one particular reason for myself but a few weeks back I had a chance to met renown astrology Susan Miller and she told me that lunar eclipse had created a leftward manifestation in my chart and was responsible for bringing me all the way out to L.A. So I guess I’ll defer that answer to her.

LF: Overthrow’s aesthetic is known for being “cryptic.” What’s the story behind this?

CG: We’re putting the “cult” back in culture. Haha. No, seriously, we like to make sure there are layers of meaning and intention behind our work… whether it’s design or parties. We’re extremely reverent of the idea that all design is essentially mimicking nature and esoteric design and philosophy has provided us with a lot of insight into that.

LF: Lil Death is a pretty name choice for a party. What was the inspiration for this?

AM: Sex Magick, the interwebz and an ironic poke at pop culture…

LF: You guys are rather infamous for your Black Sunday and Sloppy Seconds parties. How would you compare that to Lil Death?

AM: Black Sunday was really just an excuse to get some people together and make some absurdist art – and because the night was so content driven it gave people a by-product the next day… one that was more than just a hangover. At that time Miami was really thirsty for something different and we provided some good contrast to their current nightlife offerings. That being said and without giving away any surprises. LIL DEATH will definitely follow that same credo.

CG: Sloppy Seconds is basically a “hood rave”… something only Atlanta can spawn, a city full of thugged out hipsters and white kids that know the lyrics to every Waka Flocka song. In its five years of existence, I’ve seen a lot of artists from across the world mindf*cked after performing at SLOPPY. Many of those artists live in L.A. I definitely look forward to giving L.A. a piece of that ignorance.

LF: Tamara Sky’s mix is awesome. Is this the vibe we can expect from the party?

CG: Yeah, Tamara Sky is going to be our primary resident DJ and this mix is definitely chalk full of dark techno, witch haus, and leaned out trap remixes, but that being said I don’t want to paint ourselves in a corner with any particular sound. We’re going to be switching it up quite a bit with lots of special guest performances.

So wanna get in the mood? Here’s Tamara’s LIL DEATH MIX. The design work featured in this post was created by using a new glitch art technique called data bending with the help of makeup artist Giavonna Brascia, and it’s inspired by the idea of a Techno Shaman – you’re gonna want to Wiki this. The imagery definitely sets an interesting tone for this new underground weekly ritual which will be set every Sunday at The One Eyed Gypsy (formerly Bordello) starting Saturday 10/16 (RSVP LINK). Hell yeah.

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