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When it comes to booking hotels, I always make a point of choosing really rad boutique spots with rockstar amenities – bring on the rooftop pools, martini bars and breathtaking city views. Being away from home is so much more exciting when you actually allow yourself a complete change of scenery! Thompson Hotels have always been among my fave chic places to stay in the U.S. (see previous post Hotel Tour: Thompson LES) and I decided to put together a post to celebrate the launch of their awesome, newly redesigned blog, Room 100, as well as a complete booking engine featured on each of the properties’ Facebook page. Gotta love brands who embrace digital and do it RIGHT! Kudos to my girl Fiona Goldstein, digital brand marketing manager, who also was kind enough to provide me with pics from her Insta feed and write the captions in the phoot roundup below:

Roosevelt Hotel, Los Angeles

Roosevelt Hotel Los Angeles
“The pool at Hollywood Roosevelt is an iconic landmark in Hollywood. This picture was snapped at 7AM before the crowds began to appear and there was a moment of peaceful calm.”

60 Thompson, New York City

“This shot was taken from the balcony of the Thompson Suite at 60 Thompson. I love that you can recline on a lounge chair and see the Empire State Building in addition to many other famous buildings in midtown Manhattan.”

6 Columbus, New York City

“The Thompson Suite at 6 Columbus is one of our coolest spaces. It’s split level and really gives the feeling that you’re in your own penthouse perched above Columbus Circle with views of Central Park. The 1960’s décor also gives a cool twist to the modern glass and steel buildings surrounding the hotel.”

New York City Street Art

“Street art in NYC is so vibrant and really stands out against the dark buildings. This art caught my eye when I was walking in SoHo, a few blocks from 60 Thompson. It’s one of the most popular images in our instagram feed.”

Gild Hall, New York City

“This picture of the lobby of Gild Hall was posted during a rainy day were the idea of spending a day in the cozy room drinking whiskey and playing chess seemed very appealing. Gild Hall is an elegant property in the financial district of Manhattan which can often seem quite cold, the hotel is a warm retreat.”

60 Thompson, New York City

“The trademark view from Thompson Hotel’s flagship property 60 Thompson. The water towers in SoHo can be seen from all parts of the hotel. This image was snapped during a beautiful Summer sunset.”

Thompson Toronto, Toronto

“The view from our pool at Thompson Toronto is one of the most photographed spots in the city. The glowing blue of the pool contrasts beautifully against the Toronto skyline.”


“In addition to images of Thompson Hotels, I also like to share images of the cities that our hotels are in as they’re such an integral part of the identity of the Thompson brand. This image of the NYC skyline at sunset is breathtaking, NYC is best seen from the Brooklyn waterfront.”

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