Swimming With Sharks

Have you ever had the desire to dive with sharks and break your fears during a close encounter with the ocean’s most fierce, frightening and beautiful predator? Grab a wetsuit, jump in a cage and enjoy our first Shark Week travel edition with a virtual look at some of the world’s best shark-infested waters. You may just find it to be a transcendent experience when you co-mingle with these magnificent creatures in their native habitat… Hope we get you in a snarky shark mood!

Cocos Island – Costa Rica

Great Barrier Reef – Queensland, Australia (Photo via Dive Tool Box)

KwaZulu-Natal coast – South Africa (Photo via Dive Culture)

Palau Shark Sanctuary (Photo via Sharkschool)

The Bahamas (Photo via Reuters)

Farralon Islands – California (Photo via Kike Calvo)

AND… to get you stoked for this year’s Shark Week, we decided to include Discovery Channel‘s awesome 2011 video! And always remember, although they may look mean, sharks are critically important to the oceans and all life that depends on the oceans, which obviously includes us.

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