Shark Cafe: Great White Migration

We have always been so intrigued by the beautiful, wild, untamed nature of Great Whites, especially since we started watching Shark Week a few years ago. And through our research and preparation of posts over the last two weeks, we’ve learned a few exciting things about the elusive breed, which we thought appropriate to share for today’s travel post.

Great Whites are actually creatures of habit – they travel in packs and swim thousands of miles through the ocean, following similar patterns every year. Surprisingly, it was only about a decade ago (2002) that scientists uncovered the peculiar habits of the mighty sea predators by tagging and tracking them with satellites.

A typical journey might include a stop along the California coast near San Francisco in the Red Triangle (the coast between San Francisco and Big Sur – highly populated with seals, sea lions and other tasty shark snacks). Then they swim and dance through the Pacific, diving sometimes as deep as 1000 feet, and finally congregate in what scientists call the “Shark Cafe.” There is a lot of speculation that this is where great whites go to F#*k!

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