Frances Bean Cobain by Hedi Slimane

If you were a ’90s teenager like us, you likely grew up obsessing over Nirvana. We were definitely head-thrashing and crowd-surfing to Kurt Cobain’s scratchy screaming odes. The story of the rise and fall of the underground rocker will always be remembered, especially his volatile relationship with Courtney Love, his unrelenting abuse of heroin and his untimely death at 27, making him another of the famous faces to join the infamous “27 club.” Luckily, the grunge duo had a kid – Frances Bean Cobain – who many of us have watched grow up in the spotlight. Well, now she is grown and looking darkly sexy. Have a look at this photo board of images by Hedi Slimane of the little Cobain with a few of Kurt’s relics. She is now 18. Look out Hollywood!

Intensely sexy, right?

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