Sex Symbol: Scheherazade

When I reflect on the challenge of keeping the desire burning in a long term relationship and the art of someday becoming a good wife, I can’t help but refer to the romantic and heroic story of legendary Persian beauty Scheherazade. Let me remind you of her sex appeal and selflessness, in case you are not familiar.

Back when the empire of Persia was almighty, the King of Kings found that his first wife had been unfaithful and went ballistic. Every day, he married a virgin and had her executed the next morning. The cruel vengeance went on for weeks until the Vizier’s stunning daughter (Scheherazade) volunteered herself as a bride, with a back-up plan of course. She resolved to tell the King a legend that would so entertain him that hopefully he would keep her alive in the morning in hopes of hearing the rest of the story.

Every single night for a thousand and one she succeeded! She got him high on her words and eventually made him fall in love with her. Every night she was saved, which meant in turn, other women’s lives were spared.

Of course, the outcome of most of our relationships isn’t quite as dramatic, but isn’t she a sparkling example to follow?

Marvel at some of the best artistic representations of the beautiful and mysterious Queen below, curated by Art Shape:

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