Interview Series: Chor Boogie

SF-based street-artist Chor Boogie knows his color. AND he is a master with the spray paint can… incorporating symmetrical shapes with surreal portraits to create his signature street style. His work can be seen in city streets all over the world, where he promotes his “Color Therapy” concept and the importance of continually maintaining balance as an artist. We had a moment to chat with the jet-set street artist, and this is what he had to say about his impressive career:

LF: There is quite a spiritual element to your work. Can you talk about why this is so important?
CB: Balance.. I believe Balance is an important part of life especially in my work..

LF: What is “color therapy”?
CB: Color therapy to me is the spiritual aspect of color. I believe colors have healing attributes subconsciously/consciously whether you like it or not. Colors are connected to our senses, it’s like when you breathe in air… your eyes and mind breath in color.

LF: Can you explain your “inverted can technique”, why it is unique, and how it has molded your work as a street artist?
CB: Everyone has their secrets. Ultimately once studied and mastered, it helps bring the detail game in your work to the next level.

LF: What is the meaning of the portraits, or faces, in your work?
CB: The meaning of realism in my work at times is, exploring new realms by mixing different styles together. Originality.

LF: What does this mean for the viewer – to be a part of the piece, to become the piece, to be the piece?
CB: Basically to simply relate to the piece to the deepest level.

LF: Can you talk about positive addiction vs. negative addiction?
CB: Back to the Balance of things  – NOBODY IS PERFECT – so there are things that you do in your life that  are considered negative addictions that grab a hold of you, same with positive ones as well. I believe they constantly battle like dogs. It’s just which one are you going to feed the most?

LF: You talk about the imagination as truth. Please elaborate…
CB: Once you trust your imagination while creating… the truth shall set you free.

LF: Tell us about “The Zone” for you in your creative process..
CB: It’s that space in time when nothing else matters at that moment but you and the creative process. That’s what I call Street Romantic Voodoo… a timeless dynamic of focus that takes you deeper in the level of consciousness and concentration from within.

LF: Originality is the key to survival…can you talk about your success as an artist in relation to this?
CB: If you stand out from the Flock/herd /sheep, they will come!

LF: Color is obviously a huge part of your work. You talk about using all colors of the spectrum. How does color inspire you?
CB: The inspiration of color is the fact that it gives me options in my creative process to take my art further… no limitations… no expectations…

LF: Can you talk about what it is to be a street artist vs. a studio artist?
CB: Not really, but from the way you asked the question… the only relation between both is the word ARTIST. To me creating on the streets for the people has just as much significance as creating a masterpiece in the studio. Just many more people see and react!

LF: You have travelled around the world for mural commissions. What does it mean to you to have such an international canvas, where your art is in the public for everyone to see?
CB: Priceless… plant my creative seed everywhere I go! What more can you ask for?

LF: You have a beautiful mural in San Francisco’s Clarion Alley, an alley in the Mission that has a long tradition of street art. What does it mean to you to be a part of this project?
CB: It is an honor, especially since the location I was given is such a prime spot for that project!

LF: How do you LIVE FAST?
CB: “ Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it” — Ferris Bueller

LF: Art Talk: What inspires you? Favorite art or work?
CB:  You inspire me…  I play no favorites…  There’s phenomenal art work out there and there is shit out there. But that’s my own taste and preference.  When something good strikes me it just brings on a good feeling.

LF: Sex Talk: What gets you off? Literally or figuratively?
CB: Sex is like breathing  … you need it every day  .. I like big butts and I can not lie…lol

LF: Travel Talk: Favorite destination or travel stories (besides this epic journey) that you want to share?
CB: This Journey is my favorite as of today – but if you insist BRAZIL was amazing – so was Australia!

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