Atsuko Kudo’s Latex Runway

High-fashion and sophisticated with a fetish appeal, Atsuko Kudo has revolutionized the way we look at latex. The sex-infused couture accessories and garments are so spot-on, Lady Gaga has even been seen wearing her signature latex leopard jacket – not once but three times! Atsuko Kudo, called ‘The Lady of Latex’ studied fashion in Tokyo and got her first job in the industry making gimp masks in a sex shop. Imagine that!

The sultry latex get-ups are a stark revamp of the gimp mask days – and they will cost you a pretty penny – starting anywhere from $300 for a bra to about $2,000 for an applique flower bodysuit. For all of the fetish-friendly lovers out there, it could be a worthy investment! Have a look:

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