Art Crush: Minni Havas

I have a big fat juicy crush on Helsinki-based artist, Minni Havas. Growing up, Minni used to admire daddy’s airbrush art collection, feasting her eyes on cartoons like Roger Leloup’s Yoko Tsuno. Later, she started to imitate Leloup’s characters and drew faces she found in magazines alongside her sister Milja, the brunette who often shows up in her work. Her photo-realistic drawings of girls are a perfect match to her focus – fashion illustrations. Bordering between the real and imaginary, her images score a perfect (and sexy!) ten – qualifying her as a LF type of gal.


Minni’s Tools: Natural light, solvent color pencils, a surgeon’s knife, rubber, an automatic sharpener, a small set of brushes, a vacuum.

Minni’s Process: A collage of photographs, a hand from one image, a face from another, and hair from somewhere else. Uses a computer as little as possible. SCORE>>>

Minni’s Shameless Desire: Having a photographer and stylist to work with.

Minni’s Favorite Body Part: The mouth.

Minni’s Quote: “I’m intrigued by the possibilities of drawing. I can draw things from my head that would be impossible to photograph.”

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