Art Crush: Alison by Jack Radcliffe

Photographer Jack Radcliffe has offered the world an intimate glimpse of the growth of his daughter Alison, through the lens of his camera. Documenting her life in black & white, you see Alison’s development from an innocent child to a woman, and all of the moments in-between. Here is what Jack had to say about their splendid artistic relationship:

“My photographs of Alison, because of the nature of our relationship, are very much a father-daughter collaboration-Alison permitting me access to private moments of our life, which might, under different circumstances, be off-limits to a parent. The camera, early in her life, became part of our relationship, necessitating in me an acceptance, a quietness. We’ve never had long photographic sessions, but rather moments alone or with friends.”

Have a look at his body of work below. It is really quite raw, intimate and touching!

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