Italy: Malta’s Valetta Suites

Malta, the largest of the Maltese islands in the Mediterranean – located about 57 miles from Sicily  – is one of the world’s smallest countries. So you can imagine with such crystal clear waters, white sandy beaches, Venetian-style canals and baroque architecture it’s a pretty amazing place to visit. We want our next LIVE FAST meeting to take place in Malta’s second largest city – Valetta – at the Valetta Suites. Kind of a pipe dream perhaps, but we are in love with the their philosophy… getaways with the small-unique-living-spaces feel within the walled city of Valletta. Best of all? Panoramic views of the Mediterranean! When in Rome, right? Or lest we say, when in Malta? Below are images of Maison La Valette, Valetta Noble, and Lucia Nova.

Maison La Valette

Valetta Nobile

Lucia Nova


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