Hump Day Humor with Rob Delaney

If you are not following comedian Rob Delaney on Twitter, all 129,179 of his followers would agree that you’re missing out. He has a “penchant” for The Eagles and a way with the ladies. You’ll want to get to know him not only for his wicked good looks, but he’s also because he’s seriously talented. His personal break down of comedy in Vice Magazine is what got our attention and we were super stoked he took some time out of his busy sched to answer some questions… and give us a good laugh!

LF: How did you get so handsome?
RD: Thank you. I think you have me confused with Tampa Bay Devil Rays relief pitcher, Rob Delaney.

LF: Your wife just had a baby! Any surprises?

RD: The baby exited my wife’s body through her VAGINA. What?!?

LF: Did you receive any good or bad parenting advice from other comedians or friends?
RD: One friend suggested we “keep the baby in the same house as us.” No thanks; it’s very loud.

LF: Has your wife requested that you “think more about your son or daughter” during your routine?
RD: No, my wife knows that if she offers suggestions on my standup she’ll be put in the shed, with the baby.

LF: What is the worst baby name suggestion you got for our readers?
RD: Tylenol Fartwagon. My mom had her heart set on Tylenol Fartwagon.

LF: Who are some of your favorite comedians right now?
RD: Maria Bamford, Louis CK, Sarah Silverman, Bill Burr, Chelsea Peretti… and 25 or so more.

LF: What is your problem with the Eagles?
RD: Their shitty, lazy, faux “relaxed” California bullshit attitude. They sound like the soundtrack of a society mounting a last ditch effort not to implode into apocalyptic violence. WAKE UP AMERICA! The Eagles are a symphony of hate and fear!

LF: You got into comedy a little later in life than others. Do you have any advice for other comedians out there waiting to show their stuff?
RD: Go do standup for 1000 nights in a row. That’s it. Funny goes only so far. Work ethic takes you further.

LF: Would you rather be stuck underground in a hot/sticky/smelly subway station or in 405 traffic at rush hour?
RD: Subway. At least there I could grope somebody or punish people with my farts.

Fashion Talk – Do you have a favorite trend right now?
RD: I like it when men wear “pants” so I don’t have to see their “penis and testicles.”

LF: Best look on the opposite sex?
RD: Honestly, I like knee socks on women. If I can see a little bit of leg rather than a whole lot, I become very curious and excited, and hyperventilate and fall down, which I enjoy.

LF: What trend would you like to see die?
RD: Men wearing jeans that cost a PENNY over $50. It is fundamentally not okay for a man to wear anything other than simple basic Levi’s, Wranglers or Lee’s. I believe this more than I believe in the Golden Rule, love, and gravity.

LF: Art Talk -Favorite artist?
RD: I love Manet, Klimt, and Bruce Nauman.

LF: Favorite museum?
RD: Musee D’Orsay in Paris is probably the best. I also enjoy the Musée Gustave Moreau in Paris. It was Moreau’s workshop and house. I love museums dedicated to one artist so you can really see how they grew. The MoMA in New York is wonderful too.

LF: Sex Talk – What turns you on?
RD: Natural women with natural parts, regardless of the dimensions. I don’t have a foot fetish, per se, but women’s feet are really beautiful to me, so when women wear sandals and you can see their feet I enjoy that. In the actual act of sex, I guess I appreciate a “Go for it” attitude. Bone with purpose, I say.

LF: What is your biggest “deal breaker”?
RD: Meanness, I think. People who aren’t fundamentally kind bum me out hard.

LF: Travel Talk – Do you have any recent adventures?
RD: My wife and I camped up and down the California coast recently and that was just magnificent. I may write a song about it called “The Eagles Can Blow Me.”

Keep laughing at Rob Delaney and go see him in person (for now) at the monthly (hilarious) UCB LA show “Mapping the Heavens”.

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