From Venice, With Love

I had the pleasure of meeting photographer Devin Ford in a local Hollywood bar during one of my first nights in my new neighborhood. After she and a friend joined me and my date for a drink or two, we all became elated with Devin’s southern charm. Later when I finally saw her work, I was even more impressed. Her photographs are effortless, full of life, and seeping with natural beauty. Check out these images from a recent trip to Venice, Italy – and here’s what she had to say for herself:

LF: How did you get into photography?

DF: When I was five my mother decided to take a photography class and she asked me to help. That was it, I was hooked!

LF: Tell us about your trip to Italy.

DF: I was lucky enough to be in Venice during la Biennale. The moment I stepped off the train Italy felt like another home. Wandering the streets with my camera & looking at the art made me fall in love with life and reconnect as an artist.

LF: What do you love to take photos of most?

DF: Honestly, everything. I am happiest when I have a camera in my hand.

LF: How would you describe your photography?

DF: Real, I like to capture the essence of my subjects and try not to get too crazy with the Photoshop, especially when shooting people.

LF: Any new projects coming up?

DF: I am currently in Alabama finishing a book and always working on many commercial projects.

Fashion Talk- Favorite trend right now?
DF: I do not generally follow trends. I have a classic style and try to stick with what flatters my figure.

Art talk-Favorite artist?

DF: One favorite artist?! That question is way too hard. So many artists influence my work and not just photographers, but musicians, film makers, and painters.  Any time I need inspiration I watch a great film, turn on the blues, go see a show, or look through my many art books.

LF: Favorite museums?

DF: LACMA in LA, but I love the Miro Museum in Barcelona too.

LF: Sex Talk- What turns you on?
DF: Passion, intelligence, sense of humor, but most importantly romance is all about effort to me. A man that treats me like a lady; opening my door, fixing something that’s broken, picking me flowers, cooking me dinner. I guess I will always be a Southern lady at heart.

Travel Talk – Favorite vacation spot?
DF: Just like Dorothy said, “There is no place like home.”

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