Los Angeles: Live To Eat At Rosewood Tavern

George Abou-Daoud’s new Rosewood Tavern in Fairfax Village is killing it.In fact, it’s my new official local dirty martini bar! On Wednesday of last week, I showed up early to the soft opening happy hour with a seriously empty stomach – nibbled on deviled eggs and some olives and then rushed back to Sunset and Vine (creature of habit I must admit).

On Friday, I went with two lovely vegetarian friends who didn’t care much about the kitchen’s savory selection. On Sunday, however, I finally ordered my filet mignon medium rare and got a full taste of what Rosewood has to offer… It was SO good. Large bay windows open to Fairfax foot traffic, so you can always catch a glimpse of what’s happening inside: a crew of good-looking folks guzzling beer, eating meat and having a good time! This place was like heaven in Hollywood in time for Rapture weekend. You get the picture:

Above: Photos courtesy of Kristin Kirgan

Above: Hipstamatic Print by Robert Gross-Herndon

Above: photo by Kristin Kirgan

Sympathy for the deviled eggs…


Doors open on Friday, hours of operation run Sunday-Thursday, 5PM-midnight, Friday and Saturday, 5PM-2AM.

448 N. Fairfax, LA CA

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