Yours Truly, Lace.

Pow! The has-been is back! Formerly known as 1980’s metal groupie accoutrement, the over-suggestive night-thumping trashy fashion statement known as “lace” finally has its overdue AND modern signature style. And it’s sexier than ever! Literally, lace is a delicate fabric made of yarn or thread in an open web-like pattern, but it’s also called lacework, aka, “Work that hot shit when it’s on thy skin, OK!?” I just screamed that last bit in my head, FYI.

A few words that come to mind for me when I think of lace? Fairytales, royalty, punk, modern, paris, and most importantly, photographer Paolo Roversi. Finally, you can never go wrong with a few added slaps on the ass to get you going. Check out Roversi’s sexy lace-infused images below:

In case you’re dying to read my take on it: you SHOULD wear vintage lace with large prints to channel royalty, and smaller patterns for a more modern, seductive look. Mix these combinations with anything sheer and POOF!, a martini magically appears in your hand. No joke!

White Lace is especially decadent! It’s all over the Internet, on the the mood boards and trend stops, tugging at you like an unraveling thread. White lace is a heavily used material in some of the newest collections by  Dolce&Gabbana, Anna Sui, or my new found love Erdem.

Black Lace screams sex and style! As we all know (you better know this), spring can have a deep and dark palette to it. This doesn’t mean you should wear all black, all day long. Example: I took a pair of black lace pantyhose and some scissors to Coachella a few weekends ago – I cut those stockings up in five pieces of fringe and tied them around the sides of my bikini bottoms. They hung loose and sustained an effortless fashion trend. Trust me, black lace doesn’t need to be overdone. Cut up some pieces and tie them around your wrist and add a gigantic gold watch to the mix.

What about all the color, though?

Colored Lace is all the rave! It’s the flower child of the old-school 60’s fabrics, turned bright neon with a hint of revolt. This is a good thing! Eyelet form is best worn brightly, so you can see detail in the lacework. Done. Go for it, and choose red, blue, canary yellow and me…oh my…even baby pink looks dashing. Since there’s already a lot going on (color color color), one might think to keep the rest of the outfit fairly simple. Wrong! Go big or go home, I say. Big blue driven skirts, riveting long sleeved mango stained blouses, all in lace. That’s just me.

Last but not least, get the color wheel via Christian Dior Spring Summer 2011 and spin it right round a few times. It might inspire you!


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