White Jeans Will Get You Laid

Upon listening to the radio the other day, I learned a little something new: men view women wearing white jeans as communicating, “the forbidden hello.” Really? I had to Google that term, and then Urban Dictionary it – the internet also supports the Radio DJ’s thesis. From a male’s perspective, this nefarious interpretation is reasonable, but who knew it was such a widely accepted concept?

Get the look: N.3 The Georgia May skinny jeans by HUDSON

When we think “white pants” our cognitive databases retrieve a variety of mental images. For example, three archetypes that came to my mind included J.lo (via “Love Don’t Cost a Thing”), Abby Lee in a collage of SS11 RTW look books, and Andrew WK. All of which are awesome. The polychotomy of the white trouser is fascinating; they are not just for girls in black thongs.

Relax gentlemen, your optimistic sensibility isn’t entirely incorrect. If a gal is rocking a pair of white jeans, she’s clearly not at the mercy of her monthly visitor. And she’s also probably pretty confident with her body. A straight man’s fashion sense is (in many cases) motivated by his desire to get laid. If we were attracted to dirty t-shirts, that’s probably what they would wear to the bar. But because a man’s use of style is pragmatically primal, clothes are often a tool to attract the desired audience.

Assuming each gender’s relationship to clothing is symmetrical, this salacious thought process makes sense. Logistical flaw, boys. For us, fashion isn’t just a part of the mating game. Outfits are fun, and a gal’s personal style can be as whimsical as an alternate universe, and as unique as a living organism; it’s who we want to be that day.

If you ask me, every girl’s got a little J-lo, a bit of Erin Wasson and a dash of Andrew WK in her. Sometimes, we court your attention, other times we daydream ourselves into an Elle UK editorial, and occasionally we’re too busy having a good time to pursue either fantasy. You see, boys, its not always about you. Well, except for when it is.

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