What’s New Buenos Aires?

Buenos Aires, Argentina is far and foreign. It functions completely on it own style and pace. It carries the scent of cooked meat with the sound of drums and passionate small talk. Its greatest gift is the lesson of patient compliance. The most creative ideas come from having the time to live your life and Argentina has all the time in the world.

Argentine Man. Un Porteno.

Bicentenario de Argentina (200 year anniversary)

Calle Cordoba – Rooftop

Puerto Madero – Santiago Calatrava’s “Woman’s Bridge”

With TREMOR- best cumbia folklore band

KONEX – La Bomba del Tiempo

Iguazu Falls (1hr 30min plane ride from BA)

Peru Beach (30 minute train)

Tigre, The Delta

Tranqui Yankie artist work

Tranqui Yanki fashion show @ Club Niceto

A walking city.

Parilla (BBQ)

Feria (Outdoor market)


Teatro Colón

Indoors Outdoor

Art Deco


Gaucho – The Horse Wisperer

(A photoboard from Stephanie Osgood Choate, The Lucid Dream Tour.)

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