“Impossible” Project Keeps Polaroid Alive

It’s a feat that will make all of you analog photobugs smile! Impossible (a team of former Polaroid employees who have produced brand-spanking-new instant film for classic Polaroid cameras – YAY!) and Vienna-based Westlicht Museum of Photography have saved the International Polaroid Collection! The legendary International Collection (including Polaroids by Ansel Adams and Andy Warhol) disappeared for 20 years in the archives of the Swiss Musée de l’Elysée in Lausanne, and then had been put on the market to be sold to collectors. The first impressions of this collaboration will be presented at WestLicht from June 17th, 2011. The exhibition will also include some new contemporary works shot on new Impossible instant film.

(Ansel Adams, Yosemite Falls & Flowers 1979)

Dr. Florian Kaps, founder of the Impossible Project, says: “Most important is the fact that we finally found a perfect solution for not only celebrating the incredible potential of all the existing artworks, but that we also formed a great setup to re-start the original concept by inviting contemporary artists to join this ongoing project by supplying them with the new generation of Impossible instant films”.

That’s right! Now you can whip out your old Polaroid 600 that had been collecting dust in your closet, order yourself some of the new Impossible film, and snap away in an analog frenzy! Check out some of the Impossible’s current Collection 2009 – 2010 shot of their new film!

(Boris Zuliani, “LE HOANG LAN”)

(Brian Henry, “SUCCULENT”)

(Grant Hamilton, “PARTY OVER HERE”)

(Jennifer Rumbach, “DOUBLE”)

(Josh Goleman, “PAUL”)

(Lia Saile, “OHNE NAMEN”)

(Zora Strangefields, “A REAL BOY”)

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