Interview Series: Fleet Jewelry’s Founder Kate Power

Everyone deserves a piece of rock & roll in their jewelry box. One of my favorite earring sets is from Fleet’s very first collection – given to me as a birthday present from the beautiful Lauren Graham. I’ve been watching the Fleet ladies hustle for a while now, and all the hard work is finally paying off. Fleet’s extensive and unique variety of chain jewelry and accessories are taking L.A. by storm! I rock my Fleet earrings when I go out and want to add a lil’ metal edge to my look… and they DO make me feel like a rock star! I recently got the chance to sit down with Fleet Jewelry founder Kate Power, and here’s what she had to say:

LF: What is the philosophy behind Fleet Jewelry?

KP: Our philosophy is that anything you put on your body should just make you feel better. In everything you do. The intent is to propel those it touches through the connection of life and music and hopefully influence a greater sense of self expression, Inspiring feeling and movement in the wearers. That’s a lot I know. But it really is the backbone of everything that happens over here.

So much of what goes on when you start anything is like a rabbithole – uncertain of the path before you.

Having the one or two principles that rest in the very pulse of your soul has been everything. It’s like the one thing you don’t have to remind yourself ever, because it’s just who you are.

The song to your swagger, The length in your listening. The welcome weight to your chest, A hug around your hips, and the marching to the beat of your own heart.

LF: What was your inspiration to create the line?

KP: I think as any kind of artist – there comes a stage in your life where you choose to become responsible for pouring your heart and soul into your art form, owning it with every ounce of your being, and let it go out into the world fearlessly. In essence, the line is about the way it moves with you on this adventure that is life, and how you move with it. I always hope the jewelry becomes a part of its wearer and acts like an extension of themselves. Like new limbs, inspiring confidence in ones body language that otherwise may not be.

LF: Your collection names are really unique. What’s in a name?

KP: A name is so important. Like something that triggers a whole realm of thoughts. Something people relate to. Or better yet – something that makes them think or feel something new. Most of our pieces are named after songs and musical moments that are just too fucking incredible to not want to have in the name itself. Paying homage to what inspires these pieces is so key. Like what if every time you put on that piece you heard the song itself, or moved to the rhythm of it for that one day, or felt as inspired and cool as the musician who made it. Music is everything over here. I swear to god – %65 of my time is spent obsessing over music. I consider it the most honest language for communicating – a note, a tone, or a frequency is way more powerful than any given word. I guess that’s why naming these pieces most things musical is in reference, homage, and hopes that the name itself will trigger an entire story played out in someone’s day.

LF: Kate is the designer and Tabea is the Candlestick Maker… how is that the perfect match?

KP: LG and I met Tabea backstage at a show in NYC. Somehow her and I ended up on a piano together jamming around. Tabea is the glue. Seriously – It was like this weird thing that happened – as I pounded on the keys, she made sense of the melodies. More importantly she knew how to finish each musical rant. We later found out she was busy working in fashion doing production. Ummmm. Yeah. Rabbithole.

It was and has remained a super organic partnership. I often find myself burning the candle at both ends. Tabea reels it all in and makes sure there is a candle to burn.

LF: We love the blog “whatthefleet” – it’s cool to see all of the things that help make the fleet world turn. Can you talk about life and how it inspires your jewelry.

KP: Life, friends, music, adventure, films, design, is what gives this whole thing fuel. What the Fleet was a question in the beginning we were asking ourselves a lot – like, what the fleet ?!?!? is going on out there. Everyone is so talented and inspiring!! This generation we’re in exposes us everyday to things that people are doing that blow our minds! It’s like this huge circuit where everyone can inspire each other to seed new ideas and make your own rendition of what’s currently happening in the world.

LF: Your creations have gotten quite a lot of press. How exciting is that?

KP: Every time anybody is either in our stuff – or inspired to reach out and talk to us about Fleet I freak out. I just feel like everybody in the art/fashion/music /film/media world is so good at what they do now, to receive any kind of interest is such an honor.

LF: We LOVE LOVE LOVE your videos! They say so much about the jewelry, are beautifully done and sexy as hell. What inspired you to use the video format? Our girl Lauren Graham Films is part of the fleet family. What was it like working with her?

KP: We love love love our videos too. They still make me cry. Seriously. LG and I met on a bus almost a decade ago and yeah. That was that. She is like a sister to me and is the only director out there that can intuitively take something I’ve created and turn it into this magical powerful and beautiful film realm. Stigmata. Somehow she can say all the things one could ever dream of saying and convey it in one single shot, or gentle transition, or timing to music. Her work can reveal more weight than you even knew was there.

LF: Can you tell us a little more about the Fleet family?

KP: A Fleet is a pack moving with velocity in the same direction – the direction for this Fleet is about ferociously following your dreams.
The Fleet family is everywhere – but more specifically those that have come into our lives to share in the making of dreams a reality, both ours, and theirs. It takes a committed group of individuals etc. etc…
And it does.
Anybody that thinks they can go out into the world and create something completely alone has lost their minds. There’s something magical that happens when people work together and share their ideas, intentions, and dreams. Like the minute even the slightest idea is shared, it becomes real, and starts to evolve in different ways with interaction. It’s all a process of connecting and sharing in my eyes.

LF: What are your favorite pieces from the SS2011 collection and why?

KP: The Valkyrie. Bone House. Troubadour.
The almost 30 sexy time thing happened with me when designing SS11. Suddenly I was obsessed and aware of how things hug the body and feel super sexy as a woman. Moving down here from Canada has also been a completely different vibe and inspired something very Warrior Within from a survival perspective. I think it’s really important to be vulnerable though so, these body pieces seriously accomplish gearing up, feeling protected, grounded and vulnerable at the same time.

LF: What’s on your iPod right now? Do you listen to music to create?

KP: I think music is the most honest form of language, vulnerability, and pure inspiration.
It’s like it keeps reinventing itself too. As you grow up and learn new things something new comes forward with the song, or album, or lyric. I’m obsessed. What it can propel in a persons world is unbelievable. For sure I listen to it when I create, my best designs come to me when I’m at live shows and smashing around.
I know how the design will move with me in my imagination.
What’s on the pod? Too long to list – but currently I’m listening to;
Caribou, Radiohead, Mice Parade, Phantogram, Led Zeppelin, James Blake,  The Kills, Lusine, The Magnetic Fields, Tones on Tail, Neil Young, Patrick Watson, The Cure,  Tor, Pretty Lights, Stone Roses, Crystal Castles, The Foals, Fever Ray, Nathan Fake,  Lykke Li, Clark Graham, Cinematic Orchestra, Bonobo, Kate Bush and a bunch of other deliciousness that makes my world turn.

LF: Do you have a muse?

KP: I watch people around me a lot. I’m fascinated by body language and the way people show up in the world. I’m particularly drawn to those who aren’t afraid to be themselves. Musicians I find to be the a great example of this – But really I find musings in every single person I bump into. Seriously. People at bus stops, The dancer with headphones on the metro, Buskers on street corners,  Goodb”eyes” at airports,  Children, Grandparents… Daily running into’s is really my main muse.

LF: How do you live fast?

KP: Mash, smash, and party crash.

L’Agent Goodies…