Chernobyl Street Art

Let’s time travel to April 26, 1986, when Chernobyl faced a nuclear meltdown, similar to the recent disaster in Japan. The explosion in Chernobyl, a nuclear plant in the Ukraine, released a monstrous plume of highly radioactive fallout into the atmosphere and affected people worldwide. Now fast-forward about 25 years to the present.

Chernobyl remains a modern-day ghost-town, guarded by deer and wolves, nesting in overgrown grass. So who would dare trek into the lost city of Chernobyl (besides the history buffs on guided tours and scientists yearning investigate) but wily street artists, and for them this city is a massive playground. It was, of course, inevitable. Check out pics by photographer Alex Cheban of the abandoned town of Pripyat – closest to the disaster and abandoned due to the iron fist of radiation – for a reminder that radiation ain’t no joke! Pun intended!

(Photos courtesy of Alex Cheban via Flavorwire)

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