Art Crush: iShowmyself

Nick “Pika” Foster, Will Crimes, and Tommy “Taking it EZ” Sobel are hard-working boys who formed the DJ trio iShowmyself as an excuse to make time for partying. Utilizing their love of good music, good vibes, and awesome friends, the group just fell into place. We’ve been crushing on these guys for a while and their parties are our top picks for a great night out in L.A.

Starting at Temporary Spaces, iShowmyself (great name, btw) “formulated their approach” for throwing rad parties. Since then they’ve had featured nights at Voyeur, Bronson Bar, Drais and Hemingways, to name a few. Currently they hold it down on Friday’s at Teddy’s and during the summer at Tropicana’s Nightswim (both at the Roosevelt Hotel).

Photo by Alex Bittan

Their notoriety can be attributed to the friends they’ve made over the years. Forming a bond with local acts like Superhumanoids, The Outline, and White Arrows – they’ve really used the local music scene in L.A. to their advantage.

My phone interview with them felt just as wild as one of their parties. They were all three in different places, doing different things, and their answers to my questions were pretty ridiculous. It could essentially describe how the boys work – they may not always be together but they are still after the same thing – making it work while always having fun.

Here’s what the boys told me they were up to:

Nick Foster has been spreading the vibes to New York recently. He just wrapped up a two night stint at 10AK. Now that he’s back in LA he’ll be starting a Wednesday night residency at Paul and Andre.

Will Crimes recently signed on to Chris Masterson’s agency for DJs, Table Manners. He’ll be holding it down for the guys at Coachella, so be sure to stay in the loop for his upcoming gigs.

When not working on a short starring Daveigh Chase, Tommy Sobel runs the photo blog TakingitEZ. Along with a day job at Dreamworks, he also makes time to work on other projects. The music video he produced for the band “We Barbarians” will premiere very soon. He’s definitely a young filmmaker to keep an eye on.

“So are there any rumors about us out there?” one of them asked me. I told them no, but I’d be happy to start one for them.

“Which one of us do you think is the hottest?”. That actually made me speechless – for a second. “I don’t have a favorite. You’re all hot.” I was trapped again between that William Miller and Penny Lane place.

“Have any favorite trend right now, guys?” I asked. One of the guys answered, “We have this motto – No Shoes. No Shirt. Service.” We all started laughing of course and whoever made the joke on the other end of the phone was quite pleased. But one of the other boys wasn’t. “I have never heard that before in my fucking life.” Whatever.

You won’t find an explanation for their name either. “We’ll never tell – this one time we robbed a bank and…” but who cares? We like it more than their initially proposed moniker “The sound of three men dying” because well… everyone seems alive and well at their parties. Who knows what they’ll do next or where it’ll be? Just make sure you’re there.

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