Far East Movement: A Japanese Approach to Beauty

Japan has always had a knack for innovation; taking existing concepts and improving them. The Japanese approach to the beauty game draws upon their enthusiasm for both efficiency and aesthetic. Cosmetics do their job; cream eyeshadows don’t smudge, mascaras won’t run and lip colors don’t skimp on pigment. Hair and skincare follow a similar path, they seem to just work. Clean and sleek, think less Harajuku and more Comme des Garçons. As if these invisible pored/ silky straight-haired/ GNP power-housed beauties didn’t have enough going for them…


The OG brand for Japanese Beauty Enthusiasts. Known mostly for its skincare, Shiseido knows the best makeup starts with the best skin. The prices can make your eyes water, but the product is worth every penny. Shiseido-heads are a serious no-mixing-brands crowd, and for good reason. Loyal motherfuckers. When consulting my gorgeous Asian friend, Karen, about the balancing water, she immediately grabbed my forearms with a crazed intense look in her eye, and I got the point! And their makeup? Creative Director, Dick Page doesn’t play around! Check out this interview at Vogue Italia.

Shu Uemura

If you’ve got an extra few dollars to re-vamp your skin and makeup routines, this brand will change your life. The rumors are true! Foundations are silky and flawless, pigments brilliant, and haircare can resurrect a troll doll’s coif. If Shu Uemura were a man (well, he is, but I’m talking anthropomorphizing here. Follow me…) he’d be James Franco. Well-rounded, quirky and dangerously close to perfection.

Jill Stuart

Jill Stuart may be better known for her fashion line, but her makeup and skincare is beginning to make waves in the cosmetic world. Makeup junkies take heed, the makeup line offers eye jellies and duel blushes that will make you blush. Formerly exclusive to Japan, Jill Stuart’s packaging epitomizes the sheik-ly innovative Japanese aesthetic. If you can’t resist taking shiny things home with you (Lindsay Lohan), you’ll want to cop their gorgeous pallets and compacts. There have been recent rumors of Jill Stuart Cosmetics reaching US soil in the near future. We are ecstatic!


Yuko is the original Japanese Hair Straightener. It’s formaldehyde-free and uses a solution called “Aqua Gold” that moisturizes and nourishes the hair. This system is different from the Brazilian system because it is permanent – with touch-ups being only maintenance. Any gal who battles curls on a daily basis know how beneficial this treatment can actually be. No one wants to be the girl who can’t get her hair wet at the beach.

L’Agent Goodies…