The Erik Almas Girls

Proof again that San Francisco holds a golden key, photographer Erik Almas has won me over. How did photography fall into this Norwegian gentleman’s lap, when he didn’t pick up a camera at the age of 12, nor was he a big art lover. You know what it was, really? Those little instances in life, almost whispering in our ear (while pointing us in the right direction) until we are faced with a helluva good problem. A click here and a click there is all it took for Almas, and once settled in SF (and after getting his MFA at the Academy of Art), his road to success as a high-end fashion and advertising photographer became inevitable. P.S. in 2009 he won 1st place in SF APA’s (American Photographic Artists) Something Personal Exhibit. In fact, he is one of the most sought-after advertising photogs right now! Luckily for our eyes, his helluva good problem stuck – FAST.

I was drawn to not one, but two of his stories, both which seemed to show a gal who’s stuck somewhere between the now and the middle of nowhere, seamlessly looking fabulous.


Part One – Big City Gal’s Solo Road Trip.

Part Two – Big City Gal’s Wilderness Journey.

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